Application requirements

CANAVALAVA 2023 Application requirements

Experience CANAVALAVA, where Japan’s largest street parade festival YOSAKOI and
Caribbean style carnival come together!!
Come join us in Kochi, you do not want to miss this!!

AUGUST 10th & 11th 2023
※ It is possible to attend either of the days

◆Number of people to be admitted:
※First come first served basis
※Dead line for the application︓JUNE 15th (THU)


Here’s this year’s CANAVALAVA’s costume images, chosoe your preference from these three!!
There’s also a MAS section, with the image of Trinidad & Tobago’s carnival costumes.

First come first served, we’ll close the application once we reach the limit number.

<Costume A>

<Costume S>

<Costume B>

◆Participation Fee:
30,000yen (*40,000 yen for S costume)

Parent & Child Discount:
2,000yen discount per child (For example, 1 adult + 1 kid = 58,000yen)
※ Children must be above 6years old
※ Consent form signed by parent is necessary for minors
※ Lunch, beverages, costumes, insurance, practicing fee included

◆How to practice the choreography:
Online(YOUTUBE) and face to face lessons
※We will notify you the practice date and place by official LINE

◆How to sign up:

↓Application form↓

◆Please transfer the participation fee to following account:
Beneficiary Bank : JAPAN POST BANK (ゆうちょ銀⾏/Yucho Ginko)
Account Name : CANAVAL(かなばる)

When sending from POST BANK;
(code number)︓10160
(account number)︓77633891

When sending money from other banks;
Bank Code ︓ 9900
Branch Code ︓018
Account type ︓Futu yokin/普通預⾦
Branch Name︓ 〇⼀⼋ 店(ZERO ICHI HACHI ゼロイチハチ店)
Account Number︓ 7763389
※Please make sure that you wire a correct amount.
※Please be responsible for all the transfer fee

※Please pay the fee within 14 days after submitting the application. Your
participation will be confirmed after the payment.
※Cancellation fee will be 100% after JULY 1st.
※Feel free to contact us via LINE if you need any assistance with accommodation
or grand transportation etc. in Kochi.
※We will update you with the costumes soon!

Official LINE :

Official HP

↓PDF download!! ↓